Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!

It started with everyone up early, and by early I mean the kids were up and dressed before ten. Justine had a date with some friends from school to meet so one of them could use the others as subjects in her science fair project.  Nothing sinister...listening to music and take pulse rates.  In the end, Justine thought her pulse rate was highest while listening to country music, "Because I hate that music!"  But I digress.  So we dropped her and a friend and their friend's house and Mike and I were on our way to Christmas shop.  Well, mostly.  We made a quick trip to Target.  "A quick trip to Target" during the holidays?!  I told you it was a good day.  Then we went to Joann's; Mike in search of felt for a Christmas project and me in search of buttons for my newly finished cardigan Miss BB. I'll probably sew them on today and take pictures. Then we were off to do some department store shopping, which we both despise.  BUT we found the perfect gifts in the shortest amount of time and exited the store before the crush of shoppers dampened our Christmas spirit.  Mike suggested we get some lunch, always a great suggestion in my book.  We ate lunch at Baja Fresh. They have a wonderful salsa verde...yum!  The weather was nice, too.  Temperatures in the mid-50's so just enough for a sweater, not a big coat.  I wore my warmest sweater, which I haven't worn in a couple years due to the non-winter we had last year (even in Florida).  It's a sage green cardigan type coat with a wonderful lattice stitch, pockets and shawl collar to keep the cold off my neck.  Very comfy and cozy...but not so hot I need to peel it off every time I step into a store.

Anyway, back to pick up the girls, drop off Justine's friend and home to get Joey.  We need to hurry because we're going to see a play.  The Colonial Players of Annapolis' production of A Christmas Carol.  This tiny theater just off the State Circle in historic Annapolis is in the round.  The production was a musical too (which probably bummed Joey out, but who cares). It was a lot of fun to watch...the gentleman who played Scrooge was so good.  I have to admit, I liked him better before his "transformation".  He has the best scowl I've ever seen!  haha

After the play we did some shopping in town.  A quick stop in Starbucks for some hot drinks then a walk along the City Dock to see the boats preparing for the light parade that night.  It was late afternoon so the lights were on and we could see them in all their glory.  One was "A Christmas Story" themed!  Too funny!!  I giant "major award" leg lamp with lights spelling out: FRAGILE! I think that's Italian!  haha  And another panel of lights, which alternated between yellow and red lights spelling out "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!" and "I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!"   Another boat had a mermaid made of lights about 30 feet in the air, attached to the mast.  Cool!

We then went home.  I made my amazing Potato Chowder for dinner and we ended the day by watching two episodes of Haven.  It really was a fun day.

Today is starting with rain and fog.  I can hear the fog horn going (somewhere on the Chesapeake).  It's cold, too.  Colder than yesterday.  Gracie isn't moving...she's curled up on the couch and has made no attempt to tell me, "Let's go out so I can go!"  Oh well, I don't blame her one bit!  I think it'll be a good day...lots of football and knitting.

Hope your day is wonderful and your Christmas Spirit is with you.

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