Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing but the Knit

Yeah...nothing but knit stuff today. Just move along if you're one of those non-knitter type persons.

I knit these AWESOME socks from some red-red (as opposed to orange red or cranberry red, etc.) Cascade Heritage. The yarn feels like a fine cotton, not the merino/nylon blend it is. Anyway, the stitches just pop! The pattern is Polly Jean...another fabulous freebie on Ravelry. I love how the mini cables run down the heel.

I started these socks last week with a yarn called Superwash Me - Sock by J. Knits. The color is called "Wisconsin"...so cute! Anyway, the pattern is another beauty from Corrina at PicnicKnits.
The pattern is named "Munchinland Socks"...how on earth was I expected to pass up on these?! The pattern is wonderful...curves, twists and mock cables. Fun to knit!

Here's the bottom corner of my Brandywine shawlette. The yarn is Knitpicks Stroll Heathers. I love the shawl...but I have to confess; I made to blaring errors in the pattern (and didn't catch them till I was blocking it). For shame, yeah right. Because the pattern is geometric in design, they really show up. Of course, when it's gathered together and wrapped around my neck, you can't tell, so who cares! I'm keeping this one for me. I've also finished many other shawls but they will soon be leaving as gifts...birthdays and holidays around the corner in May.

I was taking this photo of my "vanilla" socks and caught Gracie napping in the background.
I don't think she finds knitting as exciting as I do.

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  1. Love the Polly Jean socks, what a neat pattern. And yay for Munchkinland!