Saturday, April 7, 2012

Honey Do

A couple things got done this weekend (so far)...woohoo!!

Does this ever happen to you? You ask your helpful husband, "Honey, can you paint the outside lights (insert your own DIY here)?" You're thinking it'll just take a few hours, not too big a deal. Then you realize he didn't have the same vision of how to complete the DIY project as you did? I thought, just paint the lights, tape off the glass parts, some spray paint later...and Viola! it'll be done. Wrong. He took the lights totally apart, cleaned the glass, spray painted the metal parts, re-assemble then re-install to house. It took about a day. Totally worth it, I must admit...they look BRAND NEW!!!


I love that he is such a perfectionist and does such a wonderful job on this and all our home improvement projects. I just need to learn patience. You'd think all that knitting would have taught me SOMETHING! lol

Last part of the bathroom re-do...framing the mirror.

I love it!!

Joey's room is next...spackling, sanding, cleaning, taping, painting...ugh!

Maybe I'll start a new pair of socks...

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