Monday, January 2, 2012


I finished Justine's sweater last night. Now she has an Orangie to replace her Greenie.

I knit this for her back in May 2008.

She wanted another sweater out of Crayon, a very soft 100% cotton from Knitpicks that is wash/dry wonderful. Unfortunately, their website shows that every color is being removed. Now, this may mean they're getting all new colors OR they could be discontinuing the yarn line. It is a very nice yarn, but the boucle may turn some people off because it is kinda a pain to knit (you have to have sharp needles). I have two more colors in my stash...yellow and brown. I bought a ton to make an afghan and of course, changed my mind.

Anyway, I made this sweater by creating my own pattern with Elizabeth Zimmerman's guidance in her book, Knitting Workshop. My mom will be so proud! I knit the body, in the round to the chest, then the sleeves in the round (magic loop) to the pits, then joined and worked a raglan decrease till the neck was close to done. I then worked a few short rows to raise the back for a better fit...then the neck band. Done! The sleeves are LONG (per the kid), 19.5 inches. What can I say? She likes a long, long sleeve.

The sweater turned out so great...and Justine never took it off, once she put on the finished product. If you're thinking that Lyra looks pissed...well, that's just her normal cat look.

About 2 seconds after the photo was taken, Mike sneezed and the cat freaked...jumping from Justine's lap and scratching her neck. Never a dull moment.

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