Friday, January 27, 2012

By The Numbers


How's that for a number? 182 Days until the Summer 2012 Olympics in London. That's roughly 6 months. The Olympics run July 27 through August 12.

200 Nations will bring 15,000 athletes to compete in 26 sports that break down into 39 disciplines. For example...Swimming: 950 athletes will compete in 34 medal events. I can't wait to see what Michael Phelps will do this time!

Olympic Stadium will hold 80,000 spectators. I'll be watching from the comfort of my couch.

When I was a kid, I remember being glued to the TV for the Olympics. That long 4 year wait between each one really helped to build enthusiasm for the events. My high school friends and I used to go nuts for Eric Heiden's thighs. When I ask friends now if they watch the Olympics, the feeling is generally "ho-hum". I have trouble understanding this. It's so exciting! Maybe because I've competed (ok, that's a huge stretch of the word) in events that included swimming, biking and running I have an appreciation for the spirit of the events. But I'm equally thrilled with the Winter Olympics and I've never been skiing. In fact, the last time I ice skated, I broke my elbow.

I love the whole package of the Olympics. The thrill of the competition, on-the-edge-of-your-seat finishes, I love the "back stories" of the athletes, learning about the athletes from other countries especially and about the hosting country.

AND the added bonus is the knitting slant...The Knitting Olympics! (Come really didn't think there could be something I love so much like the Olympics and it not include something to do with knitting, did you?) The Knitting Olympics: You cast on a new project during the Opening Ceremonies and finish it during (or before) the Closing Ceremonies. Um, yes, I can see you're doing the math as to how many days that gives you to knit something, not a lot...and the project should be something that would be difficult to do in the time allotted. You know, so you're working hard to accomplish the athletes in the games. Knitting Olympics...get it? can pass on the Knitting Olympics if you must, but please mark your calendar, get your butt on the couch and watch this year!!

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