Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Justine and friends at her Winter Concert for beginning band. It is such a fun concert. While the 7th graders were playing, some one's reed kept squeaking...I don't know why but it gave me such a fit a giggles! Then after the advanced band (8th grade) finished their songs, they played some Christmas favorites and the audience had a sing-a-long. It helped move me along toward that illusive Christmas Spirit. Can't seem to find mine this year....yet.
Veronica's new fella came with us to see the Christmas trees in Green Cove Springs. We visited the knitting group tree (and all was still intact), too. We all hung out at our house, watching football and relaxing. The weather was cool and crisp and the trees were so pretty...feeling more in the Christmas mood, that's for sure!

The kids are going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party tonight...although their sweaters aren't really all THAT ugly. Hey, at least I wasn't asked to knit anything! Whew!

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