Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Bike!!

I finally figured out how to download pictures from my new phone! Here's one of Lyra in the Christmas Tree. Once the lights, garland and ornaments were down, we let her climb to her heart's content....and she loved it! She would climb to the top and just sit there watching us from her perch. I kinda hated to take the tree apart and put it away, she just had so much fun with it.
Here's my NEW BIKE!! Mike said he had been putting money aside for months and watching Craig's List for some good deals on used bikes. This is a 2004 Giant, but the gal who owned it only rode it a few times, hurt her back and there the bike sat. It's in good shape, but needs some work (new cables, etc.) He switched out my saddle and pedals, too.
I rode it for the first time (a real ride, not just around the neighborhood) last Sunday. Jen, Mike and I went to the Baldwin Trail for a short ride. The bike did great, but I had trouble switching gears on the front derailer...will have the bike shop check that too. And talk about FAST! Just cruising along and I was amazed to see I was going 15 mph. The biggest problem with Sunday was the was 48 degrees! We were bundled up and really, after the first 1.5 miles, I felt fine. Then on the way back, we had a HUGE head-wind...brutal! There's a "hill" we go down toward the end, and usually we reach speeds in the 20s...I think I was going 11 mph and really working hard against that wind.
It was so fun to get out and ride. My knee felt fine, too. The run on Saturday had me in alot of pain on Sunday morning, but the ride didn't bother it much.
Going to see a doctor soon about the knee...I miss running without pain.

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  1. Congratulations on the new bike! It's really cold for biking these days. Love the shot of Lyra in the Christmas tree!