Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gonzilla the Knitter

Godzilla the Knitter strikes! Here I'm knitting some ear-warmers for Mike so when he's riding his bike on Tuesday nights he won't freeze...well, at least his ears will be warm. So I get to a point where I need to add a new ball, and being the clever knitter I am, I decide to do a Russian Join. I've attached a link, hope it works. It is designed to join the two ends of yarn (one from the working ball and a new ball) so you have a smooth transition and no ends to weave in.

The Godzilla part? I linked my working yarn with the TAIL!! I have done this join MANY times and never had this happen. You should have heard my family laughing...it was pretty funny.
Here's another PicnicKnits pattern...Sideswept! This beautiful yarn I got from my Secret Santa, Cathy. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.

These are my first attempt at a short-row heel. The pattern is Anastasia by MintyFresh. Another wonderful freebie on Ravelry! These are toe-up and the twist in the pattern goes in different directions for each sock. Super clever and easy pattern, but that darn short-row heel!! The first one was a struggle, so naturally, I put off doing the second one for a few weeks. When I finally got around to it, it took me several tries, frogging a bit, then finally it clicked, and I was on my way! I even did the double wraps without a crochet hook (told you it was a struggle). I'm about to wind a new ball of sock yarn to tackle another MintyFresh pattern called Leyburn Socks. Shevon from knitting did them and they were sooooo cute!! Casting on tonight!

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