Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quiet Day

Today is a quiet day. Not by force mind you, as in "turn off that d*** TV!" Joey is in DC and Mike's at work. So the girls and I are just hanging out. The TV is off, but the noise of the AC (finally broke down and turned it on), the washer and dryer fill the house. Earlier you could hear the new ice cream maker working it's magic. I've filled it with my own noise...the click of knitting needles and now the click of keyboard keys.

Earlier the girls helped me clean up the patio. The table and chairs had turned yellow from the pollen in the air over the last few months, so it took some elbow grease and time to get it sparkling again. The pool, unfortunately is still too cold for real swimming. Justine did jump in yesterday...pool temp was 70. She always does this; I guess she just can't resist.

I sat outside at the nice clean table and worked on the Bakersfield Shawlette sample I'm doing for PicnicKnits. It's close to being done and I'm determined to finish it tonight ("barn door" Jen & Jodi would call it). The birds were singing, pool pumps were humming, and Cast-On's Brenda Dane was in one ear talking to me about Occam's Knitting (yeah, I'm a little behind on the Podcasts). To me, that's a quiet day. No yelling, no fighting, no TV blaring, no dog barking, no guilt in my head about what I should or shouldn't BE doing. Quiet. I'm enjoying and appreciating it while it's here.

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