Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Haps

I have been getting so much knitting done. I finished two sweaters, a gift for someone for their b-day (trying to keep it secret, cuz this person reads my blog...but said person is pretty sharp, so it might not be so secret now), and a lacy shawlette. I started another sweater and another shawlette. I still need to put buttons on one of the sweaters, too. I'm very excited about getting the sweaters done, it's April and I'm on my fourth sweater for the year. Sweet!!

My in-laws arrived yesterday!! Today I'm working, but Mike has the day off to play with his folks. Justine is getting an award at lunchtime today, so they'll all go. Great timing on that eh!?

Oh, forgot to mention. We got a new TV. This is huge for us. There were many things keeping us from getting a new TV. First of all, I HATE to buy a replacement for something that still works. But just because something still works doesn't mean it doesn't warrant replacement. "Still works" was kinda pushing it with the old TV; the picture was a little sideways, and every once in a while a corner of the picture would be purple or green, plus was at least 15 years old. HD? Not on this baby. So we broke down and got a nice TV that brought us into the 21st Century. We also got the Blueray and DVR, we really feel high-tech! We don't own any Blueray movies mind you. Not yet anyway. The plan is to buy Avatar on Blueray and have a movie night with the folks (they haven't seen it...shocking, I know)!

We will also be celebrating our anniversaries while they're here. Yup, we got married on the same day, and well...same place, too (Vegas, baby!). We'll be celebrating our 18th and they'll be celebrating their 51st. Gotta love that!

On a side note: I took Joey to his Freshman orientation at the high school last night. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I will have two kids in HIGH SCHOOL next year! I'm goin' with the flow, just seems like the flow is goin' awfully fast sometimes. I'll keep hanging on tight and enjoying the ride I guess.

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