Monday, November 23, 2009


Someone asked me at knit group the other day if I'd knit my stash down like I wanted to this year. Yeah, some, but not as much as I'd anticipated. Why? Hmmm...I think part of the reason is I've been knitting mostly socks (about 20 pair this year) and my stash is made up of a lot of sweater yarns. I got so much sock yarn around my b-day that I've been concentrating on that and knitting very few sweaters. I'm thinking a switch needs to happen next year if I'm gonna get to all those sweaters I've been dreaming about.

I did find a vest pattern the other day that I think I'm gonna do next. It's called Swaddle, a freebie on the Rowan website. Never knew about their site, let alone that they offered free patterns. I've always loved the Rowan style...clean, tailored lines...really lovely. But expensive! Anyway, I have some deep blue yarn that I think will make a pretty vest, it's a little on the scratchy side, so a next-to-the-skin pattern is out of the question. I usually don't have a scratch issue with any yarn (well, mohair I do) so I've been hanging on to the yarn for the right pattern to come along. Hello Swaddle!

Tonight we go to the airport and pick up my in-laws! We're all so excited! Especially me, I love my in-laws!! And my wonderful husband is taking the week off! The house is just about I need to hit the grocery store, take Gracie for a fluff-n-fold, and get the laundry done. I'm sure I'll find time to work on my socks, too. There's always time to knit. Always.

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