Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rainy Day

It's been raining since early this morning, started just after midnight, I think. I love it. It's a soft rain not a hard downpour that makes you wonder how it's even possible so much water can come out of the sky. Soft and musical. The pool is a constant dribble of rain drops and water rings. The water collects on the top of the pool screen and looks like stars. I love this rain.

Yesterday we took our in-laws out to lunch at The Skyline. It's a cafeteria type restaurant on the 42nd floor of the BofA building in downtown Jax. Now if it wasn't cloudy, foggy day, the view would have been amazing! It was still pretty cool. Take note, any of you people who are brave enough to come visit'll get to see it, too. We're making it a regular stop on the tour.

Today, in preparation for Thanksgiving, I'm making a sweet potato casserole and a chocolate pie. The rest can wait until tomorrow.

The rainy day calls for hot chocolate, games, movies and knitting! Enjoy your day too.

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