Saturday, September 19, 2009

Need a laugh?

Every Fall my BFF, Becky, and I discuss the new shows, what we'll be watching and what we should avoid. We both love Survivor, House, Amazing Race and Lost. I love Fringe, Bones and Wherehouse 13. She loves Dancing With The Stars. I haven't seen it since that guy from Seinfeld was on, but when I heard that this year Donny Osmond was gonna be on, I got curious. So Becky, being the wonderful friend she is, sent me a rundown of all the participants this year. PLEASE NOTE: This list is for fun and not intended to be taken seriously, if you are offended by any comments...maybe you should get a life.

This year's DWTS line-up:

Aaron Carter (singer, quick! name one song he did!)
Ashley Hamilton (like father like son, only paler)
Chuck Liddell (UFC we'll see if he's really as tough as he thinks he is!)
Debi Mazar (actress, quick! name one thing she was in)
Donny Osmond (....sigh.....)
Joanna Krupa (model slash actress, aren't they all?)
Kathy Ireland (see above, but at least Kathy built a retail empire!)
Kelly Osborne (yes,Ozzy's daughter, but she looks fabulous)
Louie Vito (professional snowboarder, maybe you caught him in the X-games? Me neither)
Macy Gray (singer, probably should stick to what she does best)
Mark Dacascos (host of Iron Chef America, he may be out of his element here)
Melissa Hart (Sabrina's back, trying to escape from the ABC Family channel!)
Michael Irvin (another football player, come on! Emmitt did it best, now leave it alone!)
Mya (singer, hey if Lil' Kim can do it, so can she. Yeah, we'll see)
Natalie Coughlin (another Olympic athlete, oooh bring back Apollo! Pleez!)
Tom Delay (Politician, O..M..G...kiss of death for Cheryl is all I can say)

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