Monday, September 21, 2009

Cooter Tri

I have two friends (BFFs) that did something extraordinary for me yesterday that I have to tell you about. I'm still reeling from their generosity and thoughtfulness.

Since Jen and I participated in a relay team at the Danskin Sprint Tri in May, we've been training do to a Sprint Triathlon as an individual participant. We were both planning on doing the third in the JaxTri Series in August, but I had some dehydration difficulties and couldn't participate. Jen did, and kicked butt. So the next tri we have for our goal is the Cooter Tri in Inverness, Florida. I hit another glitch, this one financial. September/October are heavy months financially speaking for anyone with kids, especially kids in band and 8th graders who want to go to DC in the spring. Between those expenses, the new car, etc. I just couldn't justify spending money on just me. If your a mom, you get this. These kind of sacrifices just come with the territory.

It broke my heart to tell Jen I would have to pass up on the Tri and shoot for the Spring. Tri Season starts in the Spring and ends early Fall (this Cooter Tri is one of the last ones).

BUT little did I know that my too friends were scheming this wonderful surprise for me, you probably guessed already...they picked up the tab for the entire Tri (entry fees, goodies...even a cool outfit to race in!). I start to cry every time I think about it. I hope they realize how grateful I am for this gift and their friendship. I don't know what I did to deserve such good friends. I'm so extremely motivated to work hard, finish my training and do my absolute best at the race.

So get out your pom-poms and start cheering...I'M GOING TO THE COOTER TRI!!

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  1. Ok, here goes:
    Gimme a B!
    Gimme an R!
    Gimme an E, double N, double E!
    What's that spell?

    Woohoo! You go girl! Run, Brennee, run!

    Ok, enough cheering, I'm tired now....