Sunday, March 29, 2009

Justine's Garden

Getting the soil ready for Justine's Garden
Veronica & Gracie...and the Garden

Latest FO...diagonal rib socks...Small Project for March

Justine's last requirement for the latest Girl Scout badge she's working on was to plant a garden...and now it's done! We have two kinds of tomatoes (big and cherry), jalapeno pepper, cat nip, sage, two kinds of green beans, two kinds of carrots, green onions and flowers! Justine wanted a garden that had flowers and veggies. Mike rigged a sprinkler system with a drip line and sprinkler...he's so handy! I think we need a pretty garden sign with Justine's Garden on it, don't you? Sounds like a project for mom and daughter.

Hopefully we'll get a bountiful harvest in a few months.

Oh, and yes the shoulder is feeling better and I just can't stand not I'm back. Taking it easy though...don't want to over do it!

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  1. How cool that Justine will be "providing for the family" with her garden!! Didn't know about your shoulder, but glad to hear it's healing up!