Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello again. Hello!

Hello!  Yeah, been a while. Over two months...jeez!  I'd like to tell you that I've been super busy and just can't fit blogging into my hectic day but....not the case.  Well, at least I'm back.

Veronica just left us to go back to school and I got a few pics from our adventures.  She didn't seem too keen on doing a lot of running around seeing stuff (touristy stuff) but we managed to do a couple fun, low key things. Mike took a day off one day and we went to St. Michael's on the Oxford Bellevue Ferry.  It's the oldest privately owned ferry service in the US. Mike and I took this ferry another time and really enjoyed it!  It leaves from Oxford and crosses the Tred Avon River to Bellevue (about 10-ish minutes) and then it's a 7 mile drive to St. Michael's. It only holds about 6 cars and several bikes.  Apparently this is part of a nice biking route you can take while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Eastern Shore as we saw many bikers, several on the ferry.  

The weather was perfect!  We even had a lovely lunch, by the water, outside in St. Michael's! 

Veronica who hadn't driven a car since she was with us in January, really wanted to drive off the ferry and into St. Michael's...I sat in back and knit on a sock.  

I had a bit of a scare while in St. Michael's.  The LYS Frivolous Fibers had a "for lease" sign out front....oh, no!  Another yarn shop going away?!  I had to go into the shop to check (and I didn't buy any yarn).  Turns out she's just moving.  Whew!!  She said they're moving to Easton, which is a little bigger than St. M's and not as remote.  So I guess I'll have to re-visit after the big move and see the new shop.  

So I've been doing some painting lately.  This is a page from my art journal.  I've been doing some cards, too.  

And I've been doing some knitting too. Duh.  Here's a sampling.  

This shawl is made with Madelinetosh Merino Light.  It's a PicnicKnits's pattern.  I love how big it is...can't wait for Fall to wear it!

Here are a couple things knit with my own yarns. Remember I started an Etsy shop:  End of the Row Yarns

 The socks are Blue Peninsula's Hulst socks and the shawl is another beauty by PicnicKnits.  It is big and lovely!  Hurry up Fall!

The shop business has slowed quite a bit, yarns sales can do that in summer.  Maybe things will pick up in Fall.  I'm working on dyeing some very colorful sock yarn.  Gonna bring it to knit group tonight to see what they think.  Yeah!

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  1. The ferry ride sounds delightful and I LOVE your sunflowers in your art journal!