Friday, April 17, 2015


I woke up this morning to rain.  I think it may have stopped by now but it will be raining off and on all weekend.  I don't really mind...good knitting weather, of course! And the rain here is soft not like the teeming rain of Florida we were used to. BUT...yesterday was perfect!!  Sunny and warm but not too warm!  A perfect Spring day.  Perfect for cherry blossom viewing and walking around the Tidal Basin in DC.  Take a look!

 The blossoms were beautiful but not at "peak", that would have been Monday of this week.  Still, we really enjoyed seeing them, so did many, many others from all over the world.  There were tons of people but it never felt too crowded.

 This old gnarled tree was amazing to see! I wonder if it's one of the "old" ones.
There were so many helicopters flying about, too. That's the Jefferson Memorial.

Four mounted police were standing in the I joined all the tourists and took a picture with one.

Then we found this lovely garden of spring flowers...tulips and daffodils!!  With the sun shining on them, the color was spectacular! 

 I think the ones we planted in our garden are this red/orange variety.
 I love this purple/yellow/orange combo...I should try to dye yarn that color!

 All those pictures of me...I thought you'd like to see one of Mike!  We're sitting on the wall surrounding the basin having a snack. The wing was blowing, knocking the petals off the trees...cherry blossom snow!

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  1. It's lovely to be able to get outdoors again after that winter, isn't it?! The cherry blossom and flowers are beautiful.