Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It was a Snowy Day.

Yesterday was a Snowy Day! We had a family Snow Day (Mike stayed home) and enjoyed ourselves!  We watched movies, took a walk in the snow, while it was snowing mind you, smelled the pot roast cooking in the oven all day...the only one who didn't enjoy it was, you've probably guessed, Gracie. 
 Mike shoveled once...then Joey again later.
 Aunt Bea's new hat came into good use.
 Justine joined us on a walk in the snow.  It was snowing the whole time, but that's hard to capture on a iphone camera.
 Critter tracks.
 Justine, snowy tree and frozen river.
 These stubborn leaves have hung on all winter...they looked like tissue paper.
 Even the youngest of trees can handle the snow.  
 A very bundled up couple!
 Cute, huh?
 Some of you saw this photo posted on Facebook.  It's a SNOWFLAKE! I've never seen one that looked like those paper kind you make as a kid.  We were so excited! 
 The snow makes even the most mundane thing interesting.
 "Quick, take the picture...my butt is getting wet!"
 Throwing snow...that fuzz up top is a mitten.
 Monty and Mike!
Justine called this the Lord Voldemort car.  Get it?

I learned something new too.  Usually on these cold walks in the snow, I have to pull my hand from it's comfort inside a mitten and take the photo.  As you know (or may not know, those of you with flip phones) the iphone only works with the bare finger (heat sensitive).  Well, Justine taught me to swipe the phone, to open the camera function...with my nose! Then use the volume down button to click the photo.  It worked like a charm! 


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful and it looks like you enjoyed it all!

    I would have never figured out taking pictures with my nose and the volume button! Smart girl you have!

  2. I am going to have to try that nose trick! Fun pictures. It was a gorgeous snowy day. The flakes were so fluffy. My son and I went out and made a snowman.