Sunday, November 10, 2013

Colorful Neighborhood

 The neighborhood is filling up with leaves.  
And some of the trees look like they're on fire.
 Random leaves on the ground.  I'm particularly fond of the brilliant red sprinkled among his dry friends.
 And orange, too.

 Sometimes the "oops" photo turns out to be interesting too.
 My favorite tree in the neighborhood.

 Watercolor maple leaves.

 The wooded trail back home has stretches of bridges and raised walkways...all covered with oak leaves in every shade of brown imaginable.

 Many leaves still to fall and soon this water will crack with ice. And ducks will put on a funny show, slipping on the ice.

 Weird, huh?
 Beautiful view from our dock.  Enjoying every minute before I turn around twice and the trees are gray with bare branches.  


  1. The reds and oranges are so brilliantly colored! As you know, nothing like that here!

  2. Beautiful colors, although I'm sure it has already changed by now.

  3. Second try...
    Beautiful colors although I'm sure it has already changed.

  4. Oh sorry, didn't see that my comment was to be approved. I thought the captcha was incorrect.