Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sandy Point State Park

We are lucky enough to live a mile or two from one of Maryland's State Parks.  It's a great bike ride from the house over to the park and in the afternoon/evenings in the Fall we can always see herds of deer hanging out. The beach isn't sandy (like the name might lead you think) but rather dirty.  Yes, dirt. It's an interesting color too, like the color of baby sh**.  And it's rough on your feet, full of rocks and shells...ouch!

So after our picnic one evening, while the guys were playing Frisbee, Justine and I took a walk on the beach. 

It has wonderful view of the Bay Bridge, too.

I should also mention that while eating our sandwiches, we saw the BIGGEST  wasp in the whole, wide world!!!  No joke it was about 2 inches long and looked so scary.  I did my best not to freak out.  

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