Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I've learned or re-learned recently:

1.  The tax code is 100 years old.  The initial code was one page...today's is, what...something like 73,000 pages.

2.  No matter how many times I tell Gracie to "go lay down", she stays frozen and stares at me.

3.  My dog REALLY loves me.

4.  Getting your hands dirty while digging in the garden is fun and rewarding...even if you have to spend a few minutes scrubbing dirt from under your nails.  Digging in the garden with your daughter is even better.

5.  At some point I really should stop casting on projects and finish something.

6.  The "double-D" cutting edge on my CutCo knife cuts through tomatoes and fingers quite easily.

7.  I shouldn't cut my finger were it interferes with my knitting.  But I shall not be defeated by a band-aided finger when it comes to my knitting!

8.  Watching Spring come out, even after a somewhat mild winter, is wonderful.

9.  When the "Special News Report" comes up on the TV now...I just brace for the news.

10.  I love Mr. Rogers...

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