Sunday, November 13, 2011

New PR and Second Place!

Mike and I ran another 5K on Saturday - The Native Sun Mandarin Run. It was touch and go to even do the race, my leg was hurting, but ice and resting helped and on Saturday morning, it was feeling pretty good.

Another factor...when we woke up on Saturday it was 32 degrees! We bundled up (this means layers) and headed out to run...what are we nuts?!

The race was great! Very small, only about 500 runners. Nice flat, fast and pretty course.

I got a new personal record of 33:26 (7th of the 11 in my age group).

Mike got SECOND PLACE!!! He ran 25:08 (check that, an 8 minute mile pace)!!!

We didn't stay for the awards and now we sure wish we had. He can call and pick up his award this week. How cool is that...second place!!

Because Native Sun was the sponsor (it's a health food store, alot like Henry's, without the great produce, for your CA folks) we had wonderful after race snacks. Fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) with granola, yogurt (or ice cream), bagels and bananas...and OJ!

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