Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter!!

All is good here in Florida...sun in shining, the pool is sparkling (and warming up!), the house is clean and ready for Mary Lou and Al's visit on Tuesday. Yeah!! The Easter Egg Hunt is on hold while Mike and Veronica wash my car (God love them.). Mike and I stuffed, oh um...the Easter Bunny stuffed 124 eggs last night with candy. One egg had three dollars in it, we're curious to see who finds it and if they decide to share a dollar each with their siblings. Hummm...

The vegetable garden is thriving, many blooms in anticipation of veggies to come. We have 4 different pepper plants, two tomatoes, green beans and one crooked neck squash (a nod to Nana-Reba). I would love to say the green beans are contender beans, and make a double-nod to Nana-Reba, but they're just normal bush beans bought from the store, not imported from the great state of Texas. Veronica insisted we plant green beans (she always does), because she loves to pick them right off the plant and eat them. And all the kids love to stick the beans to their shirts, too (the little "hairs" on the beans work like Velcro and stick to your shirt...very fun).

Gotta go and hide eggs...

Hope your Easter is a hoppy one!

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